Troubleshooting TomTom Update Errors Using MyDrive Connect

Complete the action of TomTom gets started fromtomtom getstarted webpage. TomTom is a location technology specialist that can lead you to best routes using navigation devices.
Sometimes after the downloading TomTom from ask for TomTom Update process. One can face errors and issues during the TomTom update process. It provides map and services which uses unique technologies and shows you traffic on the routes and other notification. This blog will let you know how to troubleshoot TomTom errors.

How to troubleshoot TomTom errors?

You may face errors during TomTom download, or update that you will need to sort either by visiting the official site or any other troubleshooting steps. Follow below steps to troubleshoot the Tomtom get started or download or update errors using MyDrive connect;
· Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of Tomtom, if not then go to and download it again. Currently, latest map version is 1040.
· Connect your navigation device to MyDrive Connect and ensure that it is connected well.
· Ensure that your device is connected with an internet connection.  
· Check that MyDrive is allowed access using security software to the internet. Because,
1. antivirus scanners, Firewall and pop-up blockers are interrupted with the TomTom installation.
2. The update or download through the business network can inretrupt due to restriction or policies of the network, which may prevent the download.
· Try installing the updates using MyDrive Connect.

If any of the above steps don’t help you out, then remove the TomTom software from your computers and install MyDrive Connect and re-download map and install it, with following steps;

Install MyDrive Connect –

1. Download the MyDrive Connect tomtom get started by clicking on SAVE.
2. On the download completion, click RUN.
3. Locate the file InstallMyDriveConnect.exe and double-tap on this file.
4. Click YES when you get User Account Control and click RUN.
5. Read the licence agreement, click I AGREE and tap NEXT.
6. Click INSTALL and confirm the settings.
7. Click OK and connect your navigation device to MyDrive Connect.

Re-download a Map –

1. Disconnect the navigation device to the computer.
2. Right-click on MyDrive connect icon and select settings.
3. Choose the Downloads tab and click on “Empty download folder”.
4. Click Save Settings and restart MyDrive Connect.
5. Reset your navigation device and turn on the device.
6. It will offer to download the map.

Download and Install TomTom Update –

1. Remove the old updates and turn on the device after connecting the navigation device and computer.
2. Open MyDrive and click on "Update selected" tab. Check what's
3. New and Accept & install the updates.
4. Wait for complete updates.
5. On the completion, wait for the disconnect message, then disconnect the device.

If any other issue is shown to tomtom update, download, installation or map that is not getting resolved by re-download or re-installation, then contact technical support or take help from official articles.

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